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Whats up People?

I'm from Bridgewater and new to riding.... Sort of...
I used to race BMX when I was younger, but that was about 13 years ago.

I picked it up again because running is too damn boring. I thought I was in good shape, but my first ride was pretty humbling.
I have only rode at Chimney Rock. Its about 4 miles from my Apt and I drive by it on my too and home from work so convenience is an understatement.

I plan on checking out Lewis Morris and Sourlands soon. My main problem is i only have a trunk rack and am not comfortable taking it on too long of a ride.

Anyway....enough of my ramble.
I'm sure ill be posting questions to all the experienced rides out there soon enough.

NJ Jess

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Welcome to the trails!

Nice to have you on board,...lots of riding here in jersey. If you have BMX skills,'re going to upgrade the bike rack,......road trips await you!!!!

Dusty the Whale

Mr.Chainsaw move ever was when i dumped a bunch of money into the safety and security of my investment being on the top of the car...the trunk rack was fine but i didnt like it bouncing around no matter how tight it was...someone put it straight...the rack is X amount of dollars the bike is XXX amount of dollars do the math....but welcome i also enjoy CR and it is very humbling...
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