My First NJ experience... and what i learned



they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but i don't have a digital camera, so i'll just start typing.

last night i packed up my camel back with some food and got all of my supplies ready. i planned on waking up at 6am to drive the 40 miles to Allamuchy. I woke up at 8:15, took a shower and made some pancakes and coffee. i was on the road by 9.

i got to the ranger station all the way down towards the other end of the park, which was an awesome drive and the lady that helped me out was real nice.

i then went to Cycleworks and talked to a kid about what i should do, i expalined that it had been a while since i rode, but i was used to rocks and roots and trees, and only wanted to do singletrack. he suggested that i go to Kittatinny or Deer park since Allamuchy would probably be too hard for the first time back. i said thank you and that i appreicated his advice. i didn't follow his advice.

so i parked at the first parking lot on Waterloo rd. and looked at the map. i decided that the Ranger Trail looked pretty moderate, and the red blazes would be easy to follow. i headed down the trail.

i wasn't expecting the trail to IMMEDITALY go uphill, so i had to get off and walk up it. when i got to the top and was panting hard, i instantly regretted all the winter months spent drinking Yuengling and eating Wendys. i could tell that today was going to kick me right in the fattest part of my ass(which has recently gotten bigger... but i'm working on it).

after getting on and off my bike about 500 times, i decided that i was going to stop drinking beer, and live off of salad and water for the rest of the summer. being out of shape didn't have everything to do with me getting on and off the bike. this trail is TECHNICAL! there were rocks and trees and roots everywhere, there were log humps that were 2-3 feet high... i felt like an amature all over again.

i kept fighting my lack of oxygen and pushed on down the trails that looked interesting, thinking they would all reconverge back to the trail, but i managed to find a link to the white trail... it was an adventure for sure. to cut the story down a little, i got my ass kicked all the way back to my jeep in the parking lot. i was out for about 2 hours when i made it back. i sat in my jeep, ate a cliff bar, some mixed nuts and listened to a little music.

i started talking to a guy who pulled up right as i was contemplating going home, and i told him that he had better use bug spray if he had it (they were KILLER) we talked for a little bit and he told me that deer park was a good place that isn't as technical as allamuchy, but still fun. i might go there next weekend.

i decided that i was not going to go home feeling defeated by some rocks and trees. i saw a little blue trail called the Iron mine trail (or something like that) and that it was an uphill then a downhill loop that was 2-3 miles. i went for it.

i decided that i was going to do the trial backwards, i don't know why... it just sounded like fun. if you do it this way, there is a little drop in then a BIG hill (which i walked...slowly) eventually i got to the top and there was what appeared to be a big old rusty rock tumbler that was used for mining, i wish i had my camera cause i thought it was neat. the trail had some good ups and downs, and some sidetrails that i decided to avoid. but i would say that it was a little easier than the one i picked before.

by the end of the trail i knew that i was done for the day. my legs were numb, and my arms tingled... a few times i almost went off the trail from just being un-able to squeeze the brakes. when i got back to my jeep i felt like i had accomplished something, and i was proud that i pushed my body to its limit.

my body got back at me by cramping up both of my quadracepts as soon as i got off the bike. i laughed it off, and stretched them out. after i loaded up my bike i got in my jeep and i found a card under my winshelid wiper! i thought it was kinda funny cause i know that i wouldn't have even known about the place if it wasn't for this site.

i'm glad i decided to stay in Allamuchy, it was a challenge... and even though the trails might have one this time, i feel like i put up a fight. they WILL see me again, and i WILL win one day.

i can't wait for next weekend

Jim, I was the trailblazer you parked next to and I'm laughing about the card. Now that I think back at the license place I commented how it was a long hike for a muchy ride! See attached, it's the route that Steve and I took. Lots of in and outs as we got lost but thank god for GPSes!


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that's SO funny.... i was thinking that maybe it was the person i talked to that put the card there, and that would have been really weird.

turns out that i made it home from that parking lot in about 40 minutes. i was thinking it was going to be a LOT longer ride. so i'll def. go there again.

that's a pretty awesome ride you guys did, what kind of GPS do you have that lets you do that map thing? i want to get the one by magellin that lets you switch between road and trail mode so i could use it in my jeep.

i was thinking when i was out that i should really have a GPS cause i wanted to take alot of the side trails that looked like a good time.

i gotta get NJ plates soon, but the jeep is pretty easy to spot. if you see me around it come say hi. thanks for the card!!

LOL - that's too funny. Hot Jeep - I was telling Jay that it made me miss my wrangler. Let me know if you are coming up next weekend, I think Staurday will be better for me. Jay's gps is pretty cool, and it really helps in the mooch.

No Deer park next Saturday unless you want to deal with sweaty biker stampedes!!

12 O'Muchy Saturday, June 3rd

But you really have to check that place out. One of my favorite spots to ride and all the racers next week should do a nice job trimming all the spring overgrowth on the north west side of the park. :)

As for the GPS, this is what I'm using:

I also have Google Earth Plus that lets me import track and waypoint data and save jpgs as you see above.
well right now the weather says it's supposed to be kinda nasty, but they said that about this weekend too...

as far as meeting up with you guys go's, i'd say maybe for a beer afterwards, but i'd be embarassed to bike with anyone until i get back into my routine from a few years ago - i think i'd just hold you guys back.

thanks for the jeep comment, i just got it back, i had to replace the transmission. i really want to get some rocks under her, but i busted the front driveshaft and steering box too... i'm always dumping money into it. having the convertable makes days like today a million times better.

as of right now, i'm not terribly sore like i expected, so i may hit up ringwood in the morning, but i'll see how i feel when i wake up. the weekend of the 10th i'm taking my MSF class to get my motorcycle licence so i can spend all my time on two wheels.

see you guys on the trails

well right now the weather says it's supposed to be kinda nasty, but they said that about this weekend too...


Go to Deer Park its alot of fun and dont take the fire road its downhill at first but then its all uphill for 1 too 2 miles.Their are trails that you can get to right from the parking lot.My favorite is burberry trail (or something like that)turn right every time the trail ends.(half is flat but has some fun downhills and some challenging uphills)

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