My first Garmin 305 ride


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Wow, Jess. You are my hero. How do you deal with the flat and wind? TT, false flat and wind are my weakness.:drooling:

You head strong animal! :getsome: .... Keep up the good work!

NJ Jess

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Wind Sucks!

No other way to put it. Notice I got to 19 mph,....with a 10 mph tail wind. What a push! Makes you feel fast, but one must go with a group or ipod to keep your head in the game. Truely a training ride cause it's boring as hell.


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Garmin 305

Hey Jess - I just got one of these toys as well. Went for a training ride yesterday with a friend who actually knew how to use it - what a help !
I'm hoping this thing will help me get faster, I'm so tired of being in the back of the pack :D

Did you get a ride in with the 60° weather yesterday?


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Way to go, Jess! I haven't done the Island Beach ride since early 2002, and you're right, the wind on that route is always a factor.

See any foxes out sunning themselves while you were riding?

NJ Jess

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no foxes

but lots of seagulls and fishermen. A few other cyclist and one rollerblader. It's a easy "no brainer" ride, but with the Garmin I can actually race myself so I hope to make it more interesting. I must admit, I think using garminlike techy stuff can be addictive. smile


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So I got a 305 recently, can someone please explain how to follow a course?.
I loaded a course on Sunday and tried to follow it, but I had no idea what was going on.
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