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took a dump yesterday. It was a trek and suddenly stopped working.

I want to get a new one that's wireless. Any recommendations?

All I care about is cadence, speed and time. No need for a heart monitor. (and not breaking the bank)


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Cateye Astrale 8



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What Shaggz said, have the same one on my roadie, does all you mentioned plus a bit more.


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I believe I have that cateye on my road bike. It's a good one and it was like $30 at performance. Mine is wired though, i got it to run on the rear wheel during the winter for trainer use.

I have a specialized speedzone comp on my mtb. It's wireless and you can get a wired cadence add-on, It's got a really sweet stem mount too. Was like $60 without the cadence add on.

If you want cadence and wireless, check out the new sigma stuff. I can't think of the model, but they have a wireless cadence model.
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