my chain keeps hitting my wheel...

if it hits your tire when you are in the absolute easiest gear(1 and 1), a couple of problems might be occuring. the most likely cause is a bent wheel, or a wheel that is not all the way in the dropout. if you are a large rider on a stock wheel, it could also be flexing, but that's not likely the case. you could have too wide of a tire for your chainline. your chainline could be off. you front derailluer could be bent or shifted.

i would be willing to bet it's a bent wheel though.
yea it happens when I'm in 1 and 1. thanks for the help. i'll just bring it to bike n' gear or something and get it fixed up.
Your rear wheel is either bent or out of dish.

If it is out of dish it won't wobble but it will be too far to the drive side.

i have seen this on new bikes out of the box.

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