My annoying squeak


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Help me fix my squeak! This has been bugging me for a long time. I get a squeak, like an old swing set, only while pedaling, and usually
only when the left crank arm is down. The faster I pedal the faster the squeak.Usually every rotation. I have tried spray lube by the seals. Heavy spraying
seemed to fix it for a mile or so, but it soon returned. Could be that
was a coincidence. It squeaks 90% of the time. Hot or cold doesn't matter. It is not a wheel rotation squeak. Last week I had the LBS install new bottom bracket, Surly makes it a whole kit. See photo. Seals bearings spacer, the works. I still have the squeak. Today I thought I’d attack it myself, so I took the crank arm off and inspected it. Inside near the spline on the arm I saw a silver gouge in the black paint that was also deep into the arm itself. I thought that was it, so I filed it smooth and repainted it black. Put it back on and still the squeak. I removed the arm again and added another seal upside down so there were now two seals, and reinstalled. Still the squeak. I adjusted the bearing pre-load very tight and tried that. Still the squeak. I adjusted the bearing pre-load way way loose. Still the squeak. I had the pre-load so loose I could move the crank arms at least 5MM in either direction. Still the squeak, whichever way I moved the arms. It’s NOT the pedals either, I replaced them, still the squeak. Has anyone ever had this or have any other suggestions?


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Could it possibly the two different metals mating between crank and bb? Possibly grease bolts holding crank on.
Grease all of the things.

Does it squeak when you pedal standing up?

Does it squeak when you pedal sitting down, with no hands on the bars?


I had the same problem, I took everything apart and the squeak didn't go away, took the bike to the shop and the squeak believe it or not came from the derailleur, the mecanic took the whole derailleur apart clean it and no more squeak.


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Qr Skewers and or chain ring bolts. Those were squeaks that took me a while to figure out


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Helps to have someone listening from the side while you ride around them too


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check the saddle as well I almost replaced everything before figuring out that was my saddle
You can usually diagnose this but standing and pedaling. But still a good suggestion. I have the put a little grease on the saddle threads which adjust the angle.