Mtn Bike Triathalon Equivalent?


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Is there a mountain bike equivalent to the traditional triathalon? Something like, trail ride - rock climb/x-country run - kayak? If so, can someone please point me to where I can find more info about local events?


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the mt. man tri at the trade zone is just that: a trail run, a mt. bike section and a row boat (or canoe) section. it's already happened this year though.


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there are several
what I can think of:

King of the Hill Off Road Tri and Duathlon
ITC Triathlon
Mountainman Duathlon
Mass Series has a few (Hibernia and Notingham)
Oddman Duathlon
Monmouth County parks system has an off-road tri
for more try searching or googling xterra races


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check out adventure racing. They do some crazy stuff, mtbing, kayaking, bouldering, orienteering, etc.


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Xterra is still the same format as a traditional triathlon, swim, bike, run. If you are looking for the other components, you would be better off with an adventure race. Go to GOALS adventure racing.


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GOALS is a great group to check out for adventure racing. Did one a couple of weeks ago that was great. Kayaking, MTB, Running and team challenges.
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