MTBNJers at Fair Hills, Delaware???


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I happened to be in Halter's on Saturday as AON called to get the 411 about Sunday's ride. I decided to impose and get in on the action.

Larry, Fred (AON), Chris, and I went down to Maryland for a little singlespeeding. The place offered a great mix of twisting, undulating singletrack. Throw in some grass fields, log stunts, and horse poop and you're all set.
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After 20 miles, two fl@ts, a crash or three, and a little wet weather, we were convinced that this was a worthwhile destination.

We conviently made note of the Iron Horse Brewery on our way to the trailhead. It was the perfect pit-stop on the way back to unwind. Some nachos, burgers, and beers hit the spot.

We had a little fun at Fred's expense on the way home. :)

Seated at the table, Fred is back left, I'm back right, Larry's on the left and Chris is on the right. Check back for Fred's GPS download.


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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that things didn't work out for AoN on that log pile. I could be wrong, but I dont think so.:D

Glad you guys had a good time.

Larry for President.


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Yes you are correct. I didnt make it on that attempt. But i did make it the next time! I dont know if Ben will be able to get the vids up but you can see me in action!

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How far

of a drive is it to Fair Hills? I've heard great things about the place and want to get there this fall,...after the race season.


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of a drive is it to Fair Hills?

It took us about 1:45 to get back to the area of Exit 7A on the turnpike. We did encounter some traffic at the DelMemBr and the rain didn't help.

I left me house around 8:15am and returned at 6pm so it was a full day.


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Sounds/looks like a great little get away. Thanks for the pics and Gps link. I love reading maps.
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