MTBNJ Picnic-A success story


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It turned out to be a real great day. I would guess at least 60 people showed up. So much food that it was ridiculous, I think we could have feed over 200. Weather & conditions were good after the rain we had last night. A big thanks to Jake, Steve, Norm & anyone i missed for taking the time to put this together. A few random pics my wife took.
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More pics

A few more
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the last group.
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Big Thanks!

Many thanks to who got this thing off the ground. Super to see everyone and meet many new people. We have a great community and events like today prove it. Hopefully we can make this more of a tradition than an event. :D
Kirt it was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful family. I had a really great time and the fact that there wasn't really a ride was a testiment to the fact that we all wanted to stay and shoot the shit instead. Thanks so much to Jake (1st Annual Hillclimb Champion), Norm and Shaggz for putting this thing together. I really enjoyed the family atmosphere and seeing all the little kids on the bikes. It was great to listen to NJJess talk too. Hope to see everyone in the near future.
Great job guys and congrats on the 1ST. Anual being in the bag!!!!!
Had a nice time putting a face on a handle...and just nice to see and talk to people who really understand MY ADDICTION!!!!:)
Great Success!


It was nice meeting "more" of you ;) Thanks again to the organizers.

Hopefully this is the start of a tradition.
Great job guys and congrats on the 1ST. Anual being in the bag!!!!!
Had a nice time putting a face on a handle...and just nice to see and talk to people who really understand MY ADDICTION!!!!:)

Not to mention that I had the BEST shirt at the party!!:D
The picnic was awesome!!!! It was great to finally meet everyone and I had a great time.

I look forward to next year's drunken hill climb race :getsome:

Thanks to everyone who made this happen :D :D :D
Nice pics Kirt.

This was good stuff guys, thanks to everyone for coming out!

Can anyone say Christmas Party?
Thanks guys/girls

I'm really glad we had a change in plans and was able to make the 1st Picnic. Thanks to Scott, Jake, Norm and others that made this event a true success. Thanks Jake for the Mary spin and setting up my boys with number plates for their bikes. They had a blast.
It was really nice to put some faces to screen names.
The family atomosphere makes you feel proud to be a member of MTBNJ. I see nothing, but great things in the future.
i just wanted to take a minute to thank all you folks for showing up. we (myself, steve and norm) were all blown away by the support and quite frankly the number of people that actually stopped by. it was a great day and it was great to get to put names to a lot of the faces.

being that the turn out was so great for this event, you can all expect things to only get better moving forward.

the truth is, the site is all about you folks. you're the ones that make it a great place and we hope you'll continue to stop by, say hello and support the greater NJ MTB community.

this is truly a case of an event that we could not have done without you and for that we thank you.


btw, T-Shirts are still available for those that couldn't make it today for $15. :D
Awesome turnout and great pics Kirt!

I didnt get back from Cape May until 3:30am, no way I was making the drive up north today. Real bummed though, looks like it was a blast.

Save 2 XL's for me pls Jake, I owe mergs one and want one myself :D
Looks like everyone had a great time! I was 90% sure I would be there- but after a great wedding/reunion with old friends in Cape Cod last night by the time I went to bed I knew that with a 5 hour drive ahead of me there was more of a 10% chance I would be there. Sorry I missed it! Happy to hear it is an annual event- I look forward to the next one!
Yea a great time was had by all. At least from what I can tell. I was 2nd in the hillclimb and I just got in from hanging with Sean. What a long day... It was an awesome time.
It was nice to meet and see everyone at the picnic. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself to everyone that I wanted to and Ben sorry for the quick hello and goodbye, next time...we ride.

Thanks to all that organized the picnic and maintain this site.
really fun event. thanks everyone! lot's of great food and fun times. you're all jealous that you didn't make it ryan's and mine morristown afterparty, where i managed to keep from puking till i got back to the hotel. :getsome: it was sweet.
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