MTBNJ Girl's Group Ride at Allaire


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Good Morning,

MTBNJ will be hosting a girl's ride at Allaire on Sunday October 12th at 9 am. All levels are welcome, this is a no drop ride. Come on out and enjoy the best time of year to ride!!!! We can adjust the ride to the needs of the group, work on skills, and have some fun!

Hope to see you there.

Ladies ( and guys), My husband will be available to do a ride for the guys at the same time. So if you have a husband, bf or friend you want to bring, just let me know!
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My GF said she would love to do this ride. She had a great time on the beginners ride at Jorbafest, and we are both eager to check out Allaire.
Count me in for the mates/primates ride.


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Ditto, my wife had a great time at JORBA fest as well. She had a blast on the all girls beginner ride and is planning to attend the Allaire all girls ride.

NJ Jess

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Oh Darn

I'd love to make this, but I'm committeed to the IMBA TCC at Chimney Rock of Saturday and Sunday. But all of you are in great hands,..Rock and Roll!


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id be down to do a guys ride at the same time to keep the gross boys away, haha. im sure some of us 501 crew guys would be happy to show the dudes around allaire.


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I think my husband would be happy to have you all join the fun. I think a couple of SO have said that they were going to show up for the guy's ride.


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I plan to be there (assuming I'm not impeded by injury or sickness, both have seem to take over my life of late).


I plan on joining you, if my car will make it.
simply put; my bike is worth more than my car...
it's a good thing I commmute to work on my bike:)


that sounds great and I do love Allaire but I'm going backpacking that weekend-- have fun and keep me posted on the next one!


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Been meaning to get down to allaire, seeing as there are plenty of guys going it'd be fun, but alas.....diablo trip that sunday.
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