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us good folks here at are proud to announce yet another partnership!

this one is on the local level and with a guy who can not only take fantastic pictures, but can also tear it up on the DH scene. for the 2008 race season, we've partnered with mr. drifter himself, sean "pinkshirtphotos" mankiw. for those of you that don't know this up and comer, here's a quick bio of our boy that hails from the hills of Vernon:

I am 17 a junior in highschool that also majors in engineering at Sussex Technical School. I have been published in Strictly DH magazine and Distilled magazine as well as being featured on the Cannondale Cut site, the Rock Shox Blackbox site, and on a bike review. I am now in my 3rd year shooting and really like to sneak up on people and take a lot of pictures <ok, i don't know what that means-bjf>. I shoot with a nikon d40, and am looking for someone to donate a mac version of photoshop.

My website is and I can be contacted at and am available for hire. To pay the bills I also deliver pizza. I ride everything from downhill to XC and moto. I drive a blue VW Jetta. I wear pink shirts at all races- can't miss me that way. If you're at a race, please feel free to wave or scream pink shirt photos!

PSP is going to be at just about all the H2H races snapping photos of both our very own team as well as the other racers. we'll work something out so that PSP has his own space here on the site to showcase his work and our team!

hopefully sean won't be able to make it to wayway this week as he's off to plattekill to the world cup qualifiers for DS.

please join me in wishing sean luck this coming weekend and welcoming him to the family.

Hey man welcome! Good to have you along for the ride. Good thing you won't be at Waway since we don't have our friggin jerseys yet! We decided to go stealth for this one. The people communicating in hand signals? That's us.

Nice to hear that Pinkshirts will be the man behind the len!

Norm, yea,...jerseys always seem to take too long.
How exactly is this a partnership? What will PSP be doing for

Will pinkshirtphotos be taking photos of members and offering them at a special price?
As I understand it, Sean is basically the team photographer. So we'll get photos of the team for our use, obviously citing Sean aka Pink Shirt Photos as the photographer. MTBNJ regulars will get a discount, though I'm not sure what that discount is. My suggestion would be that you would have needed to be a pre-existing member or have X posts though that's not my call.
Good job PSP. There is no slalom this weekend at Plattekill. The course is not even built yet since that area still has snow on it. Didn't want you to go all the way up and find out there's no DS. It is the Junior WC qualifiers for DH so there will be a lot of rippers from all over showing up to throw down.
I thought it was jrx world qualifiers for ds for some weird reason. I'm going there for the wold team qualifier. I will be trying to get a few dh runs in too. Hopefully the weather is nice. I am a little sad i cannot make the first h2h race of the season but oh well. I look forward to working with MTBNJ and the local mountain bike community. Happy trails.
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