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Team MTBNJ Halter's
dear good folks of

as you may have noticed in a recent visit to, our server security was compromised by some angry, islamic militants that for whatever reason hate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...and apparently everything that has to do with mountain biking in new jersey. as you also may have noticed this happened on more than one occasion. please be aware that we are working diligently to fight the "wiggles" but as with any security compromise some sensitive information may have been taken.

in short, please use some common sense when opening emails from people you DO NOT know. while this is standard, safe internet practice, we feel obligated to remind due to the recent insurgence.

thank you for being patient though this mess. as a reward to all of you, we will try to keep the site up and running :D. but hey, if something does happen, we all know where to go to regroup!! :hysterica

at any rate, have a great day and by all means, get out and enjoy the nice weather.

the staff

mo, larry and curly aka steve, jake and norm.
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