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I just got to thinking - With all of the group rides, trail maintenance, picnic, gatherings, etc etc going on, is there a way to create and maintain an MTBNJ calendar that everyone will have access to? I'm thinking you click the calendar link on the top of the page and users can post up the time and loc. of the event, and a link to the associated thread. It would have a standard wall type calendar view and make it easy to see what is going on and where. I foresee some potential problems in everyone having access to post, which would allow people to delete or modify others entries but I don't know if we would have issues with that.



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I think he just missed the Calendar link.

I think we should drop birthdays from the Calendar if we want it to be used better.


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down with birthdays

fine with me, since mine does not show up anyway :rolleyes:
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Know what would be a nice feature on this web site? A forum. Whacky I know, but I think it could work. Thoughts?

(Just a joke Engignar. You knew it was coming.)
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