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Some MASS schedule updates. Suffering Susquehanna, 7/26 has been cancelled. Guy's Neshaminy Classic was postponed from 6/21 to Sat, 7/25. Iron Hill is on Sun, 8/2 and Trail Spinners Fair Hill Classis is Sat, 8/29.
Thanks. The calendar has been updated!
@Glenn I don't race bikes!
The 33 and a third team format is the only real choice. 2 members, both do 2 of the 3 laps. Plus it's easy for iggy to make trophies.


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@Norm any update on the Stewart 45 team race format?
I believe @Dominique said she had someone for this year. So I need to go find someone. @gtluke ?
If you can't find anyone, let me know. I'm planning on volunteering again but usually do want to get 1-2 laps in. And most likely at the beginning so I can help alleviate the pain at the aid station as they get tired.

Anyone have the street address for the parking? Something Something Ridge Road. I updated the calendar with the GPS coordinates but I'm sure that'll blow up anyone using iPhone navigation.