MTB winter shoes?


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Can anybody recommend a good pair of MTB shoes that would get me through the freezing temps of winter? I want to keep riding through the frigid months and have memories of cold feet from last winter sporting regular MTB shoes.


i've gotten through the last few winters riding at night and in the snow with wool socks, disposable toe heater inserts and Performance neoprene shoe covers.


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There was a time way back long ago where you could get some great winter shoe advice on this site, but those days are long gone.

For now, you will here to do this and buy that. Layer this up with that, put your feet in a fire every 7 minutes, etc.

I will, as well as many others will, tell you to spend the money and buy the Lake winter boots. That is my final answer.


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oh boy, here we go.

whatever you do, don't think that answers are the answer.


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I now have more experience!

Here is my preference, in order:

1. Lake shoes
2. Booties, wool sock, toe warmers
3. Set feet on fire
4. Stick feet in ice bucket
5. Answers


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I got the northwave winter shoes, cheap and they seem to work well too. I have nothing to compare them to though.


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Lakes. Not only will they keep you warm and dry, you will see an 31.8% increase in speed come spring, because these things are so farking heavy.


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Thanks to everyone for their input. It seems like the Lakes may be the way to go. I know they're on the expensive side, but having cold feet just plain sucks.


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Lakes are definitely the way to go if you have the money. I got one set left of the Lakes from last season. They are 44s and half price if anyone is looking for a set.
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