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I've been through this more times than I can remember. Having a heavy prescription and not a fan of contacts, I am a full time wearer. Here are my thoughts.

Frames - There are a number of sports glasses that can be fitted with prescription lenses. Oakleys tend to be at the top of the list along with Wileyx, Liberty Sports, etc. The key to what frames you can use mainly is based on what kind of prescription you have. A light prescription (maybe +/- 2 to 3) can be used in many sport frames with high curvatures. Heavier prescriptions will work better in more standard style frames. A high quality lens maker can do wonders, but if its not right you will have distortion and headaches.

Lenses - polycarbonate lenses (impact resistant); UV coating; anti-scratch; light or no tint rather than transitional lenses. My every day glasses are always transitional. I like not having to carry a second set of glasses just for outdoor / sunny conditions. I think that transition lenses tend to get too dark for sports use. When moving from sun to shade quickly while riding I find it difficult to adjust and see features in darker conditions. YMMV.

The key to what frames you can use mainly is based on what kind of prescription you have.

I currently use Oakley Crosslink something or other. They are closer to standard type frames, but do have an option for a snap on strap which I feel is very important for riding. I've had times where I've crashed and glasses have flown off my face and I had to search for them while half blind.


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I am due a vision test soon (like two years ago), once I get it done I'll make the final decision but gladly I don't have that heavy of a prescription so my options should be quite open. I just can't read or operate anything close to my nose (phone, tools etc.) due to age. I was told it's normal. I find it annoying.

I have been wearing a very light prescription all my life and my vision has been stable up until I turned 45, but I literally freak out at the idea of contacts.


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Wow! Looks awful! And wow, she’s had quite a few horrible things happen to her. Talk about heartache

Yeah one would think this was enough to go through.

Somewhere online there’s a picture of the glasses she was wearing - you could still use them.


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I have a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets and I sent them out to Revant optics and they put in prescription lenses. They are nice.


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I got a pair of Oakleys years ago. Lenscrafters sent them to Oakley, then Oakley made the lenses and sent the complete frame/lens back to Lenscrafters. It didn't take that long and with coverage, it was actually a little cheaper than if I got LC's lenses made right away. AND I'd rather Oakley brand anyway cause of their quality.

PS Sorry for deviating from the pup topic :)


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I ended up buying Liberty as that's what my eye doctor's carries. They look good, not too 'space age' but kind of wrap around and with a removable rubber 'gasket' around the lenses that should prevent fogging...
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Well too late, but I’ll chime in on cheap RayBans from LensCrafters which are my previous pair of specs.
No tint, but I like them for the mostly plastic construction, in case I decide to smash my face on a rock.

Also have some LensCrafter rx shades, but I tend to prefer clear lenses when riding.


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standard issue?

No, just local eye doc. They have good selection of oakley's. My vision plan is good but my frame allowance doesnt work on oakley "sunglass" frames. But some of Oakleys "eyeglass" frames are basically sunglasses, like the ones I posted. So we were able to do those and apply the appropriate polarized lens filter to turn them into riding glasses


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Hey Matt, how do you like them? What model are those?

They're the Crosslink Fit. Just picked them up Friday so not much use, but had them on for 3+ hours yesterday and forgot I was wearing them... as opposed to my Metal Plates that have much less coverage and would hurt the bridge of my nose after extended use (i really only wear my glasses when driving, so haven't killed the nerves on my nose yet lol)


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I had such problems, long time ago until I decided to try lenses. Since then, I don't wear glasses. Anyway, you can look on the internet about your concern, and you will definitely find special glasses for MTB. We have a store from where I purchase all of the sunglasses for different sports we practice. The most outstanding feature is that they have and kids sports glasses. My son plays basketball, and he sometimes wears it at his practice. When we go skiing, this is the store from where we always buy the glasses we need. Plus, they are high quality and the price is affordable.
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