MTB Skills Clinic April 25th


Shop: Cycle Craft
Shop Keep
For: Beginner to intermediate riders
When: Saturday April 25th 1:00PM-4:00PM
Where: Tourne Park Boonton. Ballfield parking lot
Why: Because better skills = more fun!
Cost: Absolutely Free!
Presented by Cycle Craft and Team Bulldog!


Shop Owner / Employee
Shop Keep
Many thanks to Cyclecraft and team Bulldog for a well thought out clinic. Everybody seemed to get a lot out of it, including the experienced riders. And having such a mass of leaders allowed for 3-5 people going with each guide... perfect!

My son had a great time and did surprisingly well for his first real time out. :eek:Shame on me for not getting him on the trails sooner.

Thanks for making it happen!
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