MTB on snow is fun


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Was going to go skiing today at MT Creek but after looking at website they only had 12 trails open, all easy runs:confused: So its not worth it.
Haven't been on the MTB since group ride at Harshorne but have been on Roadie and x-country skis to stay in shape. With the cold temps over last 24 hrs I decided to venture out onto trails and was glad I did. I have not done alot of riding on snow covered trails before and it was really amazing. The local trail looks and rides alot different with snow/ice cover. I don't know if I was so elated:D during my ride because I haven't been on trails in 2 weeks or riding on snow was such a rush, probably a combo of both.


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If it wasnt so damn windy and maybe a hair warmer these conditions IMO are really a blast to ride in. The trails take on a whole different attitude. Love it!


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If I were going to be around here next week i would have bought some Nokian 29er studded tires.
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