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I have been lurking around the web looking at different biking computers and the variety seams dizzying... Can anyone make any suggestions as to features that are a must, or features that are useless or annoying. I have seen a feature called "cadence" what is this?

Thanks for your suggestions.



Simply put, cadence is the crank arm RPM. The more you spin the higher the cadence.

As far as computers go I would choose one with the features you are looking for. Too many and you'll spend more time trying to figure it out than riding.

I would also suggest one that is wireless....I have gotten wires snagged and ripped off in the past. I use a Cateye (wireless) and it has served me well.

Garmin also makes a cool computer that uses gps. You can upload your rides onto your computer, but you can also download someone elses ride and follow it.:)


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You cant go wrong with Cat Eye computers. I've had great luck with them, cant really say I've ever had a problem with their stuff.


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I have the garmin 305 bit expensive but uber-cool and real geeky....
i Also have an older cateye on my road bike which just works with out fail.


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Every bike computer I've ever owned eventually shits the bed. I have yet another Cateye I use on the road bike that's in the process of shitting the bed right now. Don't spend too much money on it is my suggestion.



Just reread your original question and, for some reason, did not address it. Most computers will have the basic info:
MPH............self explanitory miles you've ridden far your current ride was
max speed....your fastest speed
avg speed....which is good if you are riding solo and want to see an
improvement in your riding. But you must ride the same loop.
time............the elapsed time of your ride.
ususally I only use the distance feature and judge how fun the ride was by looking at average speed. These are the features I would look for.

As others (and I)have stated the Garmin is way cool, water resistant, and pretty durable. I have the basic(?) Edge 205 which has more features than I will use.


What model Cateye is best? Looking to spend between $40 and $75

I'd like:
Max Speed
AVG Speed

anything else is a plus I guess.


I would also suggest one that is wireless....I have gotten wires snagged and ripped off in the past. I use a Cateye (wireless) and it has served me well.

so when you go under powerlines your max speed is 100MPH?

I've never had any issues with any bike computer WITH WIRES I have some old cheap CicloMeter I can give to the OP at the next Allaire beginner ride. I used it on my road bike without any issues. I couldn't use it on my new road bike because it has cooler wheels ;)

It just has MPH, AVG MPH and time. I would put it on my mountain bike but there isnt a gnar mode ;)


Thanks, I was thinking I'd prefer wires because one less battery and one less receiver to break. If you install the wires correctly I wouldn't think they would get snagged easily.

I'll check that model.


I got impatient and picked up a Cateye Velo at a local bike shop today. Seems to do what I want, easy install, only thing I will probably wish I had gotten is the cadence. Maybe I'll move this one to my wife's bike later and get a better one.

Question, if you set it for a 26" wheel and the magnet meets the sensor 4" down from the outer circumference of the rim, then how is that still accurate? Should I set to 22" since the magnet is not all the way out by the rim?

Seems accurate though, I took it for a short ride.
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