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Im pretty new to MTB, and would love to integrate TrailGuru to biking as I do with running.

TrailGuru has been an awesome addition to my outdoor running. its addictive to geographically log and statistically record my outdoor runs.

However damaging the phone is not an option...
My first thought was to possibly mount the iphone to the handle bars while its encased in a hard impact case. however i still think it leaves the phone pretty vulnerable. The other thought i had was to clip it onto the top of camelback in a impact case as well so it has a clear shot for the GPS but crashing and rolling over on your back will also smash it. Similar situation with an armband.

About 15 minutes ago I tried the following and it worked.
I have a seat pouch, i put the phone in there with the dock connector toward the seat post and zipped it up. I took the bike out around the block and sure enough TrailGuru was able to log the run around the block via GPS.

The pouch is made of waterproof but light material (nylon?) and its cushion lined to allow the iphone to bounce around in there and not damage it.

Now whether this will work from under tree cover while jacking around on the trail verses the smooth ride in the open street is yet to be seen.

thoughts ideas? experiences?

next time im on the trail i will give this another try and report back :)


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I threw my iPhone in my back jersey pocket yesterday, and got a GPS track with Motion-X. It didn't work incredibly well- unless you tweak the GPS settings on the iPhone, you'll get unusably-broad GPS tracks that grossly underestimate distance travelled. And to get the kind of sensitivity you need for tight and twisty trails, you're going to drain the iPhone battery super-quick.

I might try it in the top pocket of my camelback tomorrow and see if it gets reception, but I'd never look at it as a serious training tool.


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Rode Hartshorne today and it worked from under the seat. dumped the bike 3 times including one end over ;) (not depicted)

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