Mt Snow NORBA championships

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Hi there! I am still so tired from all the traveling I did this weekend, not to mention the race! What an experience. I drove up to Mt Snow in Dover Vt after work on Friday. It was a 4 hour drive to beautiful VT. When I first got there, all I could see where tents and bikes. Every type of bike. Cross, Downhill, bmx, XC, and really cool sponsor tents rebuilding bikes. The colors, music, auroa, and sheer carnaval atmosphere was great.

My race was to start at 9 am on Saturday, so I didn't preride or hang out at the vendors. I was tired and I need to get my legs up. I checked in the condo with all my buds and chilled. I heard all the other riders preride ideas and suggestions. Great having teammates! (Go TeamBulldog and A&E) I went to bed early after preping my stuff, bike, etc.

I woke at 6 30 for a pregame meal of PJ and waffles. Ymmmm Wafffffles. I have to say, eating before a big race is so important yet so hard to do. I was excited and nervous at the same time. There were so many competitors in the Sport category and a lot of them in the 30-39 category.

I lined up with riders from different parts of the country. The different uniforms with their many colors and logos is a funny site to the eyes. The clock was above us on the finish start line so you could see just when you took off.

The start was the hardest cause it was an all out sprint and then up, up, up and up again on the hills. I reminded myself to Pace it out and chill. We have 2 laps of this and with 80 % of it climbs, It was going to be tough.

There where at least 8 ahead of me in the climbs. I dislike climbs and I didn't warm up enough. I felt it. My HR was up there and I really wasn't moving. Then the techy stuff came, I rocked! I love rocks! Mud! Then more Mud! climbs and mud/rocks for 3.5 miles. I slowly started pasting people, but holding back for the second lap.

At the last downhill, I flew. Mt Snow has an awesome, wicked, techy downhill. I loved it on my new Titus. As good as I was, I got pasted at the bottom by another rider I past on the climb. Hummmm

Coming around to the start is neat. Everyone is cheering for you. They announce your name, team, something funny,etc. Then you have to climb again. Aggguh. Near the top, by the feed station, Jules said to me to stick with her, reel her in, then attack when I feel the opening. Well thats just what I did. It's the best thing to have a mission, and rabbit, or being followed by a fox. Its stimulating to your mind and you really learn more about riding.

The second lap was going faster since I now knew what to expect, and every Pedal stoke got you closer to the finish!!!! I got to the top of the "Drum climb" where my friends and teammates ( A & E and Teambull) were cheering me on. Art had a drum set and gave everyone a beat to march right up the hill. It was the Best part of the race! Ellen, wendi, rob chimed in with bells and whistles. Oh soooo coool.

I kept going and at the top, past my rival before the downhill. I zoomed knowing this was my opening. I saved nothing! I took more agressive lines and pushed through. The marshalls whistiling as I past. I smiled.

At the end of the DH, I came out of the woods. "shes just in front of you" ( the next ride,..I thought. I raced..... There she was 100 feet in front. I cranked it and caught up to her. It was an H2H rider for Town Cycle. "Hey, hey, I'm comming." She looked at me and took off,... We were together for a quarter mile and then a small hill came closer. I downshifted,... augh chainsuck. And she was gone.

I came across the finish 40 sec behind her but felt great. I finished my first NORBA national race. I'm stoked. Congrats came quick from my friends who then told my I finish 4th in my category. I was so thrilled. Then the announcer said, she's on Kenda tires too. She needs to see our Kenda sponsor for her Kenda Thank You prize. That turned out to be my reg money back, $ 48! It was the best memory making mountain bike race I've ever been to. ( Okay, 24 hours of Allamuchy 2nd place was awesome too.)

Well, that's what I did with my weekend and why I'm so tired. See you guys at Kittatinny this Sunday for the AMBC and Campmor H2H race. NJ Jess


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Congratulations Jess, it sounds like it was a blast. Maybe I need to try something like that next year. Don't feel like I've been riding enough lately to get my feet wet in the racing pool.

Suddenly have a weird craving for waffles anyway....


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That's an awesome write-up Jess. Us New Jersey riders are proud to have you representing us at the National level. Thanks for sharing and spreading your excitement! Can't wait to see you on the top of the podium box soon.

Yeh, those waffles are great. I think they may be the secret to Art's success. ;) ... Oooops, I just let his secret out.


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Didn't want to steal thunder

hi Ellen, It was a great weekend! I'm still sore and tired. I just got back from the message and chiropractors office. Thought it would aid in my sore ass recovery. Gee, this Kittatinny race will be a dozzie with these legs. I'm just floating on Mt Snow air. I really had a wonderful time with everyone at the condo. Next year,....the naked crit! hummmmmmmm


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Kitattinny will be a breeze after Mt Snow!!

Naked Crit next year ??? :eek: I better start hitting AARP up for sponsorship for that one. ;)
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