moving to nj


some of you know me already. more of you hopefully will get to know me. as of a few hours ago i'm officially a resident of your fine state.

oh yeah, is there anywhere good to ride in new jersey?

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And we have a Winner

Wow! Nice to have you come on board to the "parking lot" of NYC state. Yes, I do hear rumors of some good ole' mountainbiking in these here parts.


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welcome to the state and site - where'd you move from/to? coming from NY, it is not as painful as everyone made it out to be...


oh yeah, clutch found a thread from one of my bad days. i'm moving from brooklyn and it's been a long time coming. i know ringwood well but have only been to other parks in nj a handful of times. i even expect blue mountain to be less of a drive than from brooklyn. even my commute will be better since my office is right across from penn station.
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I just vaguely remembered a moving to nj from ny thread at empty beer and thought you had something to do with it.

Well welcome to NJ. (forgot to say that in my first post) I hope being closer to the trails leads you to more riding. When I lived in Hoboken I had trouble getting the motivation to drive an hour to the trails on the weekend.


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good to have you. where abouts in the state are you? mahlon is my favorite, but i haven't been to blue mtn yet....


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Welcome to NJ. Hope to see ya on the trails...IMO..........Allamuchy Mountain and get to Huber Woods for a different ride.;)


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You are in the proximity of the best NJ deli i've been to yet:

Clemente Bakery
120 Leuning St
South Hackensack, NJ 07606

Living next to Hoboken i have access to many great italian deli's but i still drive a half hour out to hit up Clemente's.

Where you live you are sort of in the same boat as me. You are not really close to any trails, but you aren't far from all of them. You are 35 minutes from Ringwood. Other than that you are 45-60 minutes from every good trail in the area, including Blue.
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I think quite a few people now live around the Meadowlands and Hoboken. Perhaps we don't have to meet up with the country hicks on this site and us North Easterners can set up our own group ride meets! How d'ya like them apples?


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I don't go on many group rides. I ride with a few regular people at this point. I do this for two reasons:

1) The meeting times are too early for my weekend mornings
2) I don't want to hold up people due to my lack of stamina

I would like to ride with some people nearby. Just don't expect meeting before 10 or bombing through Allamuchy.
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