Mountain Way Park?


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Anyone ever ride this little park? Can you even ride it or is it mostly for hiking?

I was running the other day my normal route on Powder Mill/Mountain Way and ducked into an opening that had a sign for Mountain Way Blue Trail. I ran it and it it's blazed and connects to a white trail before it pops out at the park itself. It only took 8 mins to run. Lots of rocks but small, embedded stones mostly, not too many large stuff to force tech riding. Some areas are super smooth and fast, the woods are super wide open too, when leaves are down on the trail, you can barely make it out. The map shows white, blue and yellow. Yellow looking the largest on the other side of the street the park is on. Just wondering if anyone has ever taken either white or yellow and their experiences. I know it can't compare to LM, it's not even on this site lol - but just wondering since I live down the street if it would be a good little mtb fix after work. Thanks

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