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ive come to the conclusion this is only one of the few places in the world that people from every walk of life can get together with no boundaries. when i roll up to a group ride there are people of all races, creeds and genders in one spot. there is no animosity, there is no quarrel. there is just a group of two wheeled dirt enthusiasts looking to have some fun in the woods. i myself never thought id ever mix with some of the people i have over the past months. here i am a 30 year old guy covered head to toe in tattoos having a polictical conversation in the woods with a 50something business executive. i tell you what, put me in a different place with the same guy and lets see if that would happen. i think not. its really opened my eyes to things and has really helped with my outlook toward people in general. ive made a LOT of really good friends with folks i never would have thought i would from this sport and ill never replace that. so with that said thanks to everyone out there that ive ridden with that accepted me as a person and an enthusiast and didnt pass judgement on how i look. i look forward to meeting and riding with more of you all in the future!










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what no picture of the group hug?

seriously though you are right... there are alway some bad eggs in every group but, for the most part, when it all gets reduced to one common denominator, (in this case mt biking) anyone can show up and just have a great time.... once upon a time rock climbing was like that for me as well


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great post could not have put it better...
looks like today and tomorrow are rode days but it can't rain foreva....


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so with that said thanks to everyone out there that ive ridden with that accepted me as a person and an enthusiast and didnt pass judgement on how i look. i look forward to meeting and riding with more of you all in the future!

I too think riding in a group meeting other people you usually woudn't hang with is a good thing. As you get older you come to realize everyone in life wants the same thing, to be accepted and loved by others.(even if they like tripod turns or ridin on trails after a tsunami...:rofl:)


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Great post MIG!

It's true, knock down the barriers and you'll find great people everywhere.
Let's head into 2009 knowing that and looking for what brings us together.

Agreed 100%. I feel cycling has made me become a better and more well rounded person.

Cycling has made me stronger, more self assured and a bit less well-rounded.
Now I'm more of an oval.:D:D


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This further reinforces the fact that I have to start making it out to some of these group rides. Some friends and I have ridden through a few at 6-mile but we were never actually part of a group ride. I'll definitely be attending some when they start back up this spring, it looks like fun.


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I love group rides, but everyone likes to make their rides at 8 am on a Saturday or Sunday. I like the Allaire guys who have a ride at 6 at night or so and I am awake! I love group rides but hate waking up at the ass crack of dawn :(


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That is the best thing I have read on this board cause you are so right. The only place I have experienced the same feelings is in the clubs. As some of you might know I am a DJ that has been in the club seen for almost 15 years. I was drawn to it for some of the same reasons, you could be yourself and there were people from all walks of life in one place just enjoying themselves even if it was just for that one night. Every group ride on go on seems the same way, just a group of people with one common denominator, a love and passion for riding. I have had people that don't ride say to me your getting a little old to keep doing the things that you do. Then I go on a group ride and ride with people that are old enough to be my dad, and they are kicking our ass in the woods. The bottom line is this is a great community of people that I have met and MIG, I couldn't have said it better myself.........Kudos!!!!!


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I know, I know. My two ladies keep me local (worth it though, see below) How is Allaire holding up with the current weather Frank?

We still need to get a ride in together - I may even have to take my chances on some 501 turf....;)
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