Most insane answering machine I’ve encountered


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Valley Stream Bicycles: 516-825-8181

Call this place. Their answering machine is insane
I couldn't resist calling. #professionalism. Think he needs to reconsider his Radiohead background music song selection. Karma Police would have fit much better.


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OMG someone should tell him he's not getting his emails because he still uses

I so wanted to leave a message and ask if a Huffy or a Kent is a good bike and then I could leave my num-buh so he could call me back.



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Team MTBNJ Halter's
Yeah. We grew em a little different on Long Island.
I kinda wanna stop by next time I’m out there and ask how he’s doin. Probably bring my bike in for a same day repair or ask if he’s got any good bikes.


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Add some video as well

thats exactly how I pictured that guy would look.

very unimpressed with him driving while recording a video and being distracted where he might have an accident - like maybe hit a cyclist :mad:
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I still have my christmas lights on the gutters. I put them on during all Holidays now and I live on a dead on street. Fuck normal!

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OK I've been there 9 years. Who the hell decided this was good hold music?? @Pearl, I feel like you need to do something about this.
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