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If those pics turn you on, you would go crazy seeing all of the possibilities. That place is so much fun and so many options to test your skills. It's definetly my favorite park in the area. Lotsa good stuff.


that second to last pic, guy in the blue shirt on the Turner, does he have like 2 psi in that tire??? Is he running tubeless. Looks like he's gonna pinch flat and not even on a hit or anything. Just curious. TJ PS- thanks for the pics, I wanna go to Blue


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Another ??? Is his name Tom? I'm pretty sure I went out west with him about a decade ago. Just wondering.

Yup His name is Tom.

The tire's not Tubeless just a Pananracer Fire xc. He was REALLY cranking on the pedals to get up that rock.

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man i want to go pretty sure someone has given me directions that i never wrote down..isnt it exit 17off the NY thru way
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