More 29er wheel options??


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Shimano 29

Surfing the world wide web I came across this picture of some new 29er wheels possibly.

The bike ain't that bad either

Yeah.. I saw these in Vegas. I hope that we see the Shimano XT's by the summer. They also have a Lefty specific front hub but I doubt that we will see it the first year.

This wheel will be built to the UST 29 Standard, which it cool since it can be run tubeless like the Crossmax 29. (no rim strip or tire burps)

BTW.. The Hand made bike show starts today. You will see some amazing stuff on the web today.
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The Kalmyk

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Something new....It just doesnt stop....Ive come to conclusion that a Ti custom will be my next purchase....I figure it's as timeless as youll get in this crazy progressive thing they call MTBing....
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