Monday - June 27, 6:30pm @ Tourne



Hey hope everyone had a good weekend. It was a little hot so I didnt ride but now I am rested and it looks like it might be a little cooler monday, so..... I am planning on riding at the tourne at around 6:30pm. I usually park in the lot across from the empty field, by the gate. But sometimes i park at the Y down the road when I workout before riding, so let me know if you will be there so i can expect you.
ok sounds good. They went from saying no rain to heavy rain on the weather report for today so i guess we will just have to see what happens.
yeah it's raining on and off in paterson now. They are saying it's going to rain all week, but be cool, around 80 all week. Maybe if we're lucky we will get some sun in the evening this week. I used to ride in the rain when i was younger, but i dunno if i really like the idea now, i wouldnt want to ruin my car by getting in all muddy. What do you guys think??? Are we going to have to hang up our bikes all week?
reschedule to tuesday

ok we got rained out... looks like rain all week, but maybe we will get lucky tuesday evening... might die out by the night according to the weather. anyone interested for tuesday evening if it doesnt rain? let me know.
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