Monday 7/14 TdF stage...


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The TdF has entered the mountain stages. Yesterday's stage was a tough one. Today, the stage goes over the highest point in this year's race, the Col de Tourmalet. The stage then finishes at the top of another mountain.

I'm listening to live audio from EuroSport. Gotta love the quotes that the Brits throw out there.

reminder: Do others a favor and don't add spoilers to you posts. Some are waiting to see the TV coverage on Versus later today.


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greta stage

Congrats to Vande Velde he had a good tour last year and is really showing he is for real...I hope he holds on long enough to podium this year it would be great...also Valverde had some issues today.


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Sundays stage, the guy that won, Ricco? blew everyone up on the last climb, it was impressive....


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Now that it is the day after...we can discuss the results without spoiling anyone's party.

CSC was waiting for this stage to unleash its fury on the competition. I had found it odd that Jens Voidt hadn't not been in the daily breaks of earlier stages. He was at the front of the peloton the entire way up and down the Tourmalet. CSC really shook things up.

It makes it much easier to explain why a rider needs to have a strong team to win. Have the domestiques drive a hard pace to discourage attacks. One by one each rider on the team drops the hammer. If anyone goes off the front, they just turn the screws and go just a bit faster. Once you isolate the other team leaders, relentlessly attack until they are left behind.

Good stuff yeaterday!!!
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