Missy Giove in new Decline


Check out the new Decline for a brief writeup and snapshot on how Missy Giove is back and won a DH race late last year as a privateer in the Full Throttle Series. In the photo her bike is an Orange and she's riding a single crown fork!

NJ Jess

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I work with a crane operator who knows her since she was a little girl. The operators son used to ride bikes with her even when she started kicking his butt. It's a known fact that she either won the race or crashed. She is very drivin. She was at last year US Open at MtCreek too!


Man, Missy the Missle was an idol of mine.
I wonder if she still wears the Piranha around her neck!


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I saw her walking down the streets of Durango colorado. I saw her and she was in running gear or something. I was like damn that girl is cut and then it clicked...that's Missy!
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