Mills Reservation Trail - Montclair, NJ


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Has anyone in the group ride the trails at the Mills Reservation?
Have you seen any police there, I heard is illegal. Has anyone seen police there?
Thank you!


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"I heard" eh? Your post could be misconstrued as trolling, but let's assume you just need some information.,bicycles&searchId=22701604282945262

§ 74-7 Traffic.
Bicycles confirmed to roads. No person on County property shall ride a bicycle or other vehicle on any surface other than a paved vehicular road, or on a path designated for that purpose. A bicyclist is permitted to wheel or push a bicycle by hand over any grassy area or wooded trail or on any paved area reserved for pedestrian use.


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what is the point of trolling? I mean this looks fake, what does anybody gain? I’m trying to figure out this inter web thing.


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You can look in the trail directory- North Trails perhaps if that is close to you. Where do you live? Maybe High Mountain might be your cup of tea .


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@Rdavis welcome to the NJ mountain biking community. Please forgive the less than warm welcome from some as Mills, without getting into too much detail, is a sore subject around here. Assuming you live near Mills, there are many trail systems within a 30-40 minute drive. Lewis Morris and parts of the Patriots Path are less tech and more flow. The Tourne is mostly flow with some small sections of tech. Wildcat is mostly tech. There is also Mahlon Dickerson. Going further west on route 80 you have Stephens State Park, Dear Park and Allamuchy. Going north you have Ramapo, Ringwood(my personal favorite), Jungle Habitat and Wawayanda. Just over the NY border is Sterling Forest. Going towards the Bridgewater area is Chimney Rock. Near Piscataway is Six Mile Run. Over into Westchester is Graham Hills and Sprain. Many choices, just depends on your current skill level and the types of trails that you would like to ride. Once we get past Covid, I expect to see more group rides going forward.


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When I used to live in West Orange, I tried to ride South Mountain reservation and a local cop told me that I shouldn't, local cops would let you, but if you get cought by the county Sheriff, you will definitely be in trouble, the same goes for Mills Reservation and trust me, hikers in the area will report you to the Sheriff's department. You better off traveling to ride and that's the reason I moved out of West Orange, extremely high taxes and you don't have much freedom at the parks. I understand they very strict, and I did see a lot of wreckles people on the trails that would fly by hikers and the people who actually have a passion for mountain biking are the ones who pay