Mid school Yeti w/ very high drool factor


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While on the Sinister board I came across this link on MTBR. Wasn't sure where to post and thought the gearheads would get a kick out of this:



The build is out of site with the Bullseye hubs and cranks, Ringle skewers (I would have love to see a Ringle seatpost), Porc tires, FTW stem.

Then there is the frame. Yeti back then was the goods. Looptail rear end is pure sex - 1 piece all the way around.

The link from the Sinister board is great too. Besides some mid-school Yeti pics, Frank goes on with some stories from that era:



Thats great! I had a mongoose team frame made in the Yeti factory. Same rear end etc. I rode it, raced it and loved it before selling to a roomate right before I left for the army. He snapped it in half right in front of our house, before he could even get it to the woods... the oaf.

I have an old Cook Bros. crank, as well as a Tioga Revolver crankset still in the box. If I dig up my camera I'll post some pictures of them...


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I borrowed Pete's for a ride just outside of Wellington (Maungokotukutuku) in 2005. It was of similar vintage with Ringle blue ano seatpost and stem. His later addition of the RS Psylo air QR fork helped slack it out some and it handled nicely on the technical sections of the trail (other than the fact they run the brakes moto down there, heh). Its rare to see snow around there.

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al - that Mongoose sounds cool - bummer about your roomate breaking it. Those had the loop tail rear ends too, right?

I have some Cooks on my Rhygin that were annodized and then I painted over that. The finish looks like crap but I love the cranks. There is an old White Brothers BB in my shop too but that thing is a bear to setup without moving all over the place. Would love to see the Tioga cranks.

Syadasti - that Yeti looks so cool. I loved that Blue/Yellow combo and with the blue ano Ringle stuff - nice! I used to run Yeti grips in the 90's as it was the only Yeti product I could afford back then as I was so broke.
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