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I'm thinking of doing these two races as early season conditioning slaps in the face. Anyone done these races? Any feedback about the courses, prep etc? Hard tails or full suspension? Are they worth the trips out to east bumble PA? Any info would be greatly appreciated?
only heard rumors, but from what i've heard, full suspension, rocks, and lots of them.

really want to do the rattling race, maybe next year.
Thanks. Debating the wisdom of dong 4 hour races so early when I've barely had any bike time. Full suspension looks like the way to go.
Michaux is very, very rocky in most of the singletrack sections. There are some fire roads to break it up, but a lot of the climbing is on those fire roads so it's a long hard race no matter how you look at it. There is no mountainbike race at Michaux that isn't rocky and challenging. It's what Michaux is all about.

Rattling Creek has a few rocky sections -- one of them goes on for a quite a while -- but overall it's an awesome course. Probably one of the best around, wiht some pretty epic stuff, like the view at the hanglider launch. One tough climb off the start, and another pretty tough climb back to the aid station, but other than that it's a pretty fast course.

If you are worried about YTD miles by then, you could do the half-marathon at RC. You still get to visit most of the best parts of the park in less distance. But be warned -- it's not actually a 25 miler. It's more like 30.

I'm bummed because I'm going to have to miss it this year since it's the same day as LBD.
Michaux FS fo sure, from what I have heard it's a tough place

I have done RC rigid but it hurts alot..

Good luck bro
Rattling is as the name describes. Not overly rocky for the entire race but some of the trails can be a definite slap in the face if you don't love lots of rock. The one shale trail is pretty amazing with the stuff you have to ride around and through. It's one of my favorite east coast race courses. It'll test you nice and early for sure.

As for the Michaux race, they have some of the most insane rock gardens I have ever seen. More like riding through a quarry. But for this race I've heard they leave those out. I haven't raced this but I'm under the impression that they have a much tamer course for this one. Any of the Michaux series races be prepared for ANYTHING. I'm still scarred from Terror of Teaberry a few years ago.
Thanks. I don't have a Fat Bike, so it's been tough to get miles this winter. Possibly I'll skip Michaux and wait until Rattling. I've heard great things about that course.
I will be racing the rattlin race again rigid ss.Its a fun course,rocky but nothing a hardtail can't handle.
Just to clarify, there are two different Michaux races in the Spring. The March MASS race is a lap format, and Michaux Maximus in May is part of the 3 race Michaux Endurance Series and is a single lap, point to point affair. They are two entirely different courses in two entirely different parts of the State Forest.
As has been said previously, ANY race in Michaux is the pinnacle of technical terrain. It's as gnarly as it gets, which I personally love, but it's not everyone's thing. There are big climbs, scary descents, extended sections of rocky singletrack linked by fire roads. It's almost guaranteed that you will be off your bike at some point.
There is so much trail in Michaux that these courses tend to change from year to year, so some routes are gnarlier than others. Who knows what's in store this year...If you want epic and maximum difficulty, these are the races for you.
Rattling Creek also has some nice tech as well, but overall is much faster and has more flow to the singletrack, with some long sections of fire road. This course also tends to vary from year to year. It was tougher 3 years ago when it was a big single loop (more ST) than it was last year when it changed to two 25 mile laps (more FR). It's definitely one of the best courses on the east coast. This year it's 40 miles...who knows how exactly they will run it, but it will definitely start with an 800 vertical foot fire road climb.
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Awesome intel. Thanks. Given my level of conditioning (or lack thereof), I will skip Michaux and wait for Rattling - which from all accounts, is a great course. Plus it will give me a few more weeks to get my legs under me.
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