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Anyone have a favorite or suggest ones I should look at? I know the timbuk2 ones are classic but the chrome ones are all the rage now. Any comments would help...

I will probably start bike commuting a few days a week starting next week...


R.E.Load. ( are awesome. I've had one for a while now, commute with it everyday, fit a ton of stuff in it, ride in the rain, get other disgusting stuff in it and it is still going strong and keeping my stuff dry. Plus they have super cool custom bags in stock all the time. You will not be disappointed.

They're not cheap though..

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Seal Line seems to be pretty practical as well...But if your going to wuss out when it is wet outside;) then maybe check out Patagonia


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+1 on the Patagonia gear. I dont have a messenger bag but more like one of those over the shoulder tear drop looking kind of bag. Like all of Patagonia's stuff it is extremely well made and durable. I've had this same bag halfway around the world with me and its still kickin'


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i love my chrome bag, i have taken it to hell and back and its fine. really holds up well and comfy. get a chrome bag. only downside is everyone thinks its funny to press the red button (seatbelt clasp) but if you get over that you will love it.


+1 for the Sealline Urban shoulder bag from a commuter with 20+ years of experience. About half the weight of a Timbuk2, smarter compartments, and a closing system that WILL keep water out (had my stuff drenched in Timbuk2s...). But if you want people to stop you in the street and offer you $$ for your bag, try Freitag (, a Euro company that makes messenger bags and other stuff out of recycled truck tarps and old seat belts.



I had a timbuk 2 for many years and it was quite durable, but as previously mentioned, it was prone to slight leakage. I've got a chrome bag now and am pretty pleased with the setup and comfort. Haven't put it thru any super wet rides yet, but when it has gotten wet its kept my stuff dry. Your friends may get a kick out of the seatbelt quick release tho too, like pulling brake levers in a bike shop, some people just can't resist pushing that little red button...... Glad they don't have access to nukes, haha.


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FREITAG all the way.

1. Recycled from truck tarps, seat belts and bicycle tubes.

2. 100% waterproof from the get-go.

3. Awesome designs, each bag is one-of-a-kind.

4. Built like a burlap bag full of bobcats. I think is impossible to destroy one of these.

5. Smells like a truck tarp.


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if you decide on a timbuk2 bag, i have a brand new "commuter" that's just sitting in my closet collecting dust. turned out to be a little too small for my travel needs. black.


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I did a marketing promo for Excedrin a couple of summers back and I have 10 Timbuk 2 messenger bags at my house left over. They are white and are branded with Excedrin in red letters on the front. If you want one you are more then welcome to one. I haven't had anybody to give them to since the promo was over, and I would be more then happy to give you one if you want it. At least that way you won't have to buy one.
Let me know and I will hook up with you when I get done with this DJ tour I am on. I should be back in the dirty late Sunday morning.


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how far? Backpack?

how far do you have to ride? I'd think anything more than 4-5 miles a messengar bag would be a pain and sweaty. Everyone who commutes at my work use backpacks, Camelbaks or Deuter. Dont shift around that much and ventelated better.


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only 6 miles but my backpack seems very sweaty as I have used it a few times for a 14 commute.

The chrome bags look like the way to go as far as keeping the elements out but I am not sure I will be riding that often in the rain/snow with the bag. The man downside for the chrome one is the lack of organizational pockets since I do have to put work crap in there (folders, papers).

My hesitation with the timbuk2's are the gapping hole where the strap connects but again, i will probably just drive if it is raining but I am sure I will be caught at sometime in the rain...


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I do like the Timbuk's with their approach to manufacturing and they seem like a socially responsible company...ortlie is one more I need to check out, thanks!


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i ended up ordering a chrome and it came the other day, very nice. I went with it because of the weatherproofness over some other bags...I will let everyone know how I like it.
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