Mercer, that's right Mercer Park


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Folks, I'm going to rip it up at Mercer at 2:30pm.......come if you'd like.
Sorry bout the short notice..........I'll tell you more later.........:D

It's snowing.........heeeeheeeeeheeeee

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Just got back from Mercer Larry...Conditions were solid and fast...Enjoy the quiet trails as well


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Mercer is sweet..........rode with a herd of deer, crashed into a Mallard duck.(it only grazed my leg)......crusty and fast.......tomorrow will be good til 11:00am. It's suppose to get warm later in the day.

I'm going at 9:30am if anyone would like to join. I will be riding at a fun pace 2+ hours


An "unsung hero"...

As 'C.Puncher' so poetically noted, Mercer is an 'unsung hero' in the mountain biking circuit! We rode both Saturday... and yesterday with Forrest (aka Mtngrinder)... both days for just over 2-1/2 hours and never did the same trail twice! Granted, there's not a lot of climbing, but great place for not only putting the hammer down and working on some technicals... mainly logs and roots, but it has a great tree maze (that can get a little monotonous after awhile... many places to bale however) to work on upper body balance and stability.

All in all, it's a great spot for winter riding as the trails hold up well through all sorts of weather conditions.

My personal recommendation... be sure to add Mercer to your winter riding list of spots!

Enjoy the ride!

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ride mercer once a week this time of year, 3+ a week in the summer. Pretty much as flat as a football field, but still fun. The roots are annoying in some spots due to erosion, but I guess that's what makes mercer, mercer. Here's my usual route: All trail, except for a mile or so of road to get some wind.

I'm down to ride if anyone is interested.
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