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New Map with alternate Blue trail route

New map with alternate blue trail route

That's a nice map but why did they block portions of the map with the Legend and the Mercer County Logo. It also doesn't show one of my favorite sections of trail that runs between the red and yellow near Hughes drive.
I have no clue ? Just thought this might help out a bit . Ive never been to this park and have been thinking about going.
The parks commission made that map It shows a lot of the facilities but hides large portions of the trail system
Not only did they block a lot of the eastern trail system (Blue Trail) they removed the quadrants so if there is a problem with something on the trail that map is useless
Use the one I posted with the mercer county park logo in the middle of the lake
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So, on the back section of Blue (that runs closer to Conover Road) does that still connect in to another Blue trail on the other side of the power lines? There are a bunch of "This is not a trail" signs there and doesn't appear to be a working trail. Or is it referencing the paved walking trail as part of Blue on the map???

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