MD TM, August 2: Thank You!


A strong 7
Wow, what a great day! Turnout was better than I expected, and despite the torrential downpours, we made some real progress. Today was also unique in that Jessica K was the youngest volunteer to help us with the wall, and Rich M is the first hiker to join this effort.

Bill, Norm and Tom did a great job armoring the upper crossing. Joanne (from the Picatinny Crew), Rich, Tim and Duncan finished up the middle section. Tom, Jessica, Brad and I walked away the dirtiest from our work along the lower section. Pics to follow.

Please get out and ride the trail. Try to stay on the "uphill" side of the new tread. We will be working on the top of the "lower" section, so please be patient.

Tom C
Duncan D
Tom & Jessica K
Tim F
Brad T
Bill C
JoAnne B
Rich M
Steve M


JORBA: Ringwood
AWesome!! Thanks for helping with this reroute. Each time I ride it, I think of all of you, as it is such an improvement. I hope to be able to come out and help one of these work days. :)


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Balls and bags, it's all dirt.

I think my area of death was more like a fall line of death ;)

Oh and I had a really good time. Good times hanging out with Bill and one of the members of ZZ Top placing enormous rocks to ride over. That was a lot of fun. My forearms are a little sore though. I look forward to the next session.


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Cotton Kills....

My lesson of the day from ZZ Top Tom and Norm. I had three rain jakets in my car.

Oh yeah it was a DirtBAG.


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3 rain jackets? I would have been happy with the one rain jacket I had in my car. It was pretty miserable for a while in my soaked cotton tee and jeans.


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Speaking of cold, I was in the long-sleeve jersey on my ride this morning. Last night I slept without both AC and fan. Before long it'll be winter shoe thread time...

I gotta download the few pics I took of our rocks and post them still.


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So we laid 3 in there and Bill takes a look at what we've got in store...


"You know what? I think THAT one would be perfect..."


"Dude I got this bar covered, it's not going to fall."


"Alrighty...I'ma gonna just move this an inch right before I blow out my shorts."



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"You know what? These things are friggin heavy."


Bill shows off his rock flipping skills. He tossed this like a frisbee.


"Look you jerks, just use this bar and the things move really easily."


This is more or less the finished base of the bridge. We laid more rocks on the close end as well as the left side to stabilize, then we dumped dirt in the cracks. Then it rained all Noah like.


After that the camera was stowed away where the rain couldn't get to it.

I highly recommend more people join the next session. This is a pretty cool trail in the works here.


A strong 7
well, I didn't want to get my JORBA shirt dirty :rolleyes:

thanks for posting those pics, norm. I'm glad you enjoyed the session.
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