Mcps Volunteer Days



Greetings everyone, well at this time Monmouth County does not have phase two ready for additional TM dates. I am in contact with Susan Walsh the volunteer Coordinator to see if I can create a schedule to work strictly at Hartshorne until the winter sets in. I will update once I have confirmation. A training class is slated for September 8th at 10:00am at Huber woods, any user interested in volunteering in the Trails Program Must attend this class. For more information please contact Susan Walsh
at (732)842-4000 ext 4256.

Monmouth County parks requires you to attend this class in order to do TM in any park they manage. You can still volunteer and do stuff like trash pickup, etc but cant handle tools or pelt NMBPMike with rocks and garbage unless you attend the class.

I am more than willing to do some TM on a Sunday but I can't do Saturdays.

Is there a Sunday when i can get my circle of death recognized by the governing body of Pulaski throwers??

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