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2023 Mercer County and JORBA waivers, Volunteer forms.

Hi folks! FYI that there are release and waiver forms to be completed at the first TM. Same as previous years.
We will provide paper forms for both... however here is the link to the online volunteer form for Mercer county.
Mercer County on line form
Question 1 enter "Group"
Question 2 enter "Yes"
Question 4 Organization enter "JORBA"
JORBA has a COI on file with Mercer County.

Sign in sheet (JORBA) is required for every TM.

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OK Folks... Mercer TM season begins this Saturday 3/18. You know you want to help so why not join us? We will be doing a short trail bed reroute on Blue north due to the tornado leaving a nasty widow maker we cannot remove... without cutting down 3 trees!
We also need to replace trail markers that have popped off.

Meet at the Marina parking lot 9AM adjacent to the volley ball courts.

Release forms will need to be completed. (See previous post) I have also included them here

Tools and gloves will be provided.

Look forward to seeing you!



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That widow maker is far more precarious than the image shows. We looked long and hard before removing two trees that the tree top was hung up in in an effort to have it release and drop. It did not. There is not much holding it up and we were concerned that it could "drop". So it was far safer for riders-hikers and ourselves to bypass the drop zone. We may come back at a later date with longer ropes and a comealong to persuade it down... But for now there is safe passage.


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