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A strong 7
Please post your GPS data, etc. in here, along with a brief description of the route (mileage, pace, skill level, etc). Posts that do not stay on topic will be deleted at the discretion of the Mods :getsome:

map of the xterra king of the hill course, definitely will burn your legs a bit. out and back w/ the back on a gravel road through the campsites. you can hammer the road, which is nice since you probably just had your butt kicked climbing most of this trail. The trails continue past the turnaround point. If i ever get around to it I will map and post a longer route. Ignore the pacing data, the 910xt is in need of a firmware update as the pacing is all over the place.


hopefully the link works. let me know otherwise.

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Thanks for the file Woody. I never started at the Cushetunk lot so it was helpful today!

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