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GPS Link for Hartshorne and Huber

Motionbased link here:

Rode here today with ChrisG, who led me on the tour of Hartshorne first then Huber after that. The above ride is what Chris called a common local loop. Great tour today Chris, thanks! And thanks for accomodating my early ride schedule!

It's a great loop because there's one loop in Hartshorne that comes back to the parking lot, then a second one that goes to Huber. So you can do either, or both. Or either in both directions, and so on. The Hartshorne loop was about an hour and the rest was the road plus Huber. I would call the pace brisk, so if you're doing this as a beginner that Hartshorne loop will take a big longer but nothing too long.

GPX file attached. CRS file can be downloaded from the motionbased link above.

Mods may want to stick this one and other people can add to it if they so desire.


  • Hartshorne & Huber.gpx
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Norm, if you wouldn't mind, please mark the locations on the gps map of the prime berry patches. Slacker.


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Well good to see our new focused board policy is working so well.

No berries, maybe I was kept away because I'm not a local.


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Please post your GPS data, etc. in here, along with a brief description of the route (mileage, pace, skill level, etc). Posts that do not stay on topic will be deleted at the discretion of the Mods :getsome:


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Hartshorne GPS Data

Some trails may be missing, but I think the majority of them are included.


  • Hartshorne.kmz
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this route hits all of the bigger hills. about 10/11 miles. the map has it starting from the upper parking lot but it could just as easily start from the lower lot.


  • hartshorne_woods%20-%2010%2B%20mile%20route%20to%20try%20-%20hits%20every%20hill.JPG
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the start is in the portland parking lot. when facing down towards the main road its on the right side. lots of fun i enjoy riding this trail!!!

Rocky point trail. this is the way i go. you could go onto the small section of the grand tour which connects to the Laural ridge trail and then the last part is road.

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