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Please post your GPS data, etc. in here, along with a brief description of the route (mileage, pace, skill level, etc). Posts that do not stay on topic will be deleted at the discretion of the Mods :getsome:


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Still getting the hang of this, but doing a bit better. Today, rode from Sunrise Pond to Ralston and back.

Did that first 1 mile loop over by the horse sign, that takes you up the hill. Made it up the first part of the hill, then had to hop off for a lil bit on the second half. Met a few friendly folks on the trail. I'm now making it up a bit further on the steep short hill between the corral and tingley road. Got up about 2/3 before I lost traction after hitting a rock. That corral hill always wears me out, but I'm now able to make it up. Still have to hop off while going over 2 bridges :( the one by the police station and the one by the elementary school.

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