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Ramapo 8 Mile Loop

Here is an 8 mile loop at Ramapo for those looking for a good challenging ride.

I will describe the route for the sake of those without a GPS.

Park on top of Skyline Drive: This is a counter-clockwise loop so start by taking the Red/White to the north of the lot which will lead you to the Cannonball trail marked by a red dot with a “[FONT=&quot]c[/FONT]” in the center. Make a left onto Cannonball and in half a mile you will reach the Cannonball Switchback section. (IMO the most fun and technical switchback trail in NJ.) At the end of the switchback section you will be spit onto the fire road at which point you make a right and climb it to the Castle ruins (totally worth the climb to those who love rocks). Once you reach the ruins make a right onto the White trail which will take you past the Water Tower ruins. (You have reached your first peak) Descend the rocky peak to the flat section and go straight across the pipeline. This is the unmarked trail and a bit hard to find. You will know you found it when you reach a steep descend which will take you to the Blue trail. Make a left onto the Blue trail and ride it until right before you reach the pipeline and make a right turn onto the Orange trail. Ride Orange to the top of Wanaque ridge. (You have reached your second peak) Ride orange off the ridge to the Indian Rock trail (red/white) and Indian to Cannonball. Cannonball will take you back to the Lake. Ride the lake counter-clockwise until you reach the fire road right past the dam. At this point if you still have a lust for more rocks take the Yellow trail back up to the parking lot or if you had enough rocks you can take the fire road for a good leg burn on the 12%-16% grade climb. If you push the pace you can ride this loop in 1 ½ hours otherwise it should take around 2 hours. Enjoy!

GPS Link:

Because of file size restrictions I had to zip the GPX file.


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