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Please post your GPS data, etc. in here, along with a brief description of the route (mileage, pace, skill level, etc). Posts that do not stay on topic will be deleted at the discretion of the Mods :getsome:
Here's a big Allamuchy loop:

Start at Waterloo and down the rail trail for a bit. This loop starts on the second half of the 50k race from 2006. Once it hits the white trail it goes down white to the Tranquility lot. In there is a slight misdirection which you should avoid - stay on white! At the bottom it winds along the red trail, then up Cardiac but not upper Cardiac. From there the idea was to take white all the way back and call it a day. But then I got lost and found myself back on the 50k course, but the end of the first half. Towards the end I found white again and went back down to the rail trail.

Mileage 22.5 according to the GPS data. This isn't a beginner loop by any stretch. First half of the course is a lot of technical stuff. Second part of the course is climbing to start, then generally tame on the white trail. Once you get off white it gets into a lot of short/steep sections, exactly the kid of stuff you don't want to be riding after 4 hours in the saddle.
Clarification to Norms post...

If you followed the White Tr to the Tranqulity side of the park you woud be on the ORANGE Tr, not RED. The Red tr is off the Sussex Branch Tr where you started the ride.

Another note, on the way back to the Waterloo Lot while on the White Tr. About half way back there is a corner where the trail appears to go straight and the White Tr makes a left and climbs the large exposed rock knob, if you go straight there it will take you into the Boyscout Camp (The section of track along the lake), keep in mind this is private property.

Bob W.
Orange, red, all enough sweaty salt to my eyes and I know it wasn't white nor blue.

You know I suspected that I was in boy scout territory once I was along the lake and the monument, but I did actually stay on white. The thing that made it harder was that the trail seems to be an "old" white trail. The blazes weren't square and new, but the trail still had white blazes, though they were clearly old. At that point the last thing I wanted to do was backtrack.

You know now that you mention it I know exactly what rock face you mean, since I broke my derailleur off on the other side of it on that fateful day earlier in the year when I later fell off the bridge. Funny, because as I was going back on white I was thinking about my "re-encounter" with that. I guess I forgot about it once I realized I was off the trail.

Having said that my route to get back to Waterloo was almost certainly harder than staying on white.

Anyway, let me reride that, return the proper way, then repost the link at a later time. Thanks for the corrections, Bob.
Throwing another one in here:

This hits a lot of the park highlights, including Cardiac, Rollie Pollie, Cardiac Bypass, Ice Cream, and Four Bump Bypass as well as more trails than I could possibly keep track of.

Start: Waterloo Lot
Distance: 17 miles
Time: Give yourself 4 hours to ride it?
Level: Advanced Intermediate

This is not a loop for newbies. I also would never recommend anyone take this on alone. These are very technical trails that can break both rider and bike. So beware of what you're getting into before you jump into this.
Throwing another one in here:

This hits a lot of the park highlights, including Cardiac, Rollie Pollie, Cardiac Bypass, Ice Cream, and Four Bump Bypass as well as more trails than I could possibly keep track of.

Curious which trails are Rollie Pollie and Four Bump Bypass. Is one of them the short technical trail between Cardiac and Cardiac Bypass? Either would certainly be a great name for that trail.

Also, is there a name for the trail that connects to Ice Cream from Cardiac? If you take Cardiac Bypass downhill to Cardiac and then make a right and go through a stream. That trail also has a very nice "bypass". Just wondering if there's a name. Also has a well used trail off the "bypass" which I haven't tried yet. There were some painted arrows on the trial last weekend.
Waterloo GPX track

4 mile ride from the Waterloo road parking lot.


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I've got most of the marked trails plus many unmarked on this map. One notable exception is that I still need to put on a lot of the highlands teal/blue(?) trail. Some of that trail is unridable but other sections are very good. Don't be surprised by missing turns, etc. - this doesn't have everything.

Added some more. Please obey property boundaries. Noticed some trails - even the main white - appear to stray off state land in spots.
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Another map

Here's another attempt at a compliation of other people's as well as some of my own gps data. It is a bit of a mess but it can still be helpful. The blue route is a ride Bob led during the 2009 Jorba fest. I tried to superimpose the unmarked trails on top of the readily available map. I know there is a more comprehensive map available since I saw it posted on the wall at cycleworks. I wonder when we'd be able to get our hands on it.....


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Pretty much Kirts loop that Norm posted but I started from the Cranberry Lake park and ride and took the Green trail from the Rail bed and stayed on the 517 side of North. Hits Rollie Pollie and Lumpy Bumpy. Very technical with lots o rocks. not for beginners
"Rode" Mooch's supreme features and great trails today.

This Garmin file starts at the Tranquility lot and heads towards Lumpy Bumpy via the white trail.

After Lumpy Bumpy, climbed up Ice Cream and then over to Cardiac ByPass to Rolie Polie...and looped around to Candy Ass.


Good times with good peeps.
Goin tomorrow..Hope to do close to what u did. Is that thing that looks like Italy Lumpy Bumpy?
Ha...yeah, that's Lumpy.

Just be careful when you get to the western edge of 'Sicily' - you'll be riding along the top of a cliff that would not be fun to tumble off of.

Have fun!

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