May 8th - Mother's Day @ The Tourne


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
Time: TBD
Where: The Tourne (lower lot by the fields)

I'm assuming that the rains expected for Saturday will leave things a little wet so we'll head to the overlook and then down towards the lakes and loop back behind the beach on the Denville side of the park. Obviously we'll end up going where ever the hell we choose to.

Post up if you're coming and what time is good for you.

I'm a definate maybe. I'm not sure what is going on for tomorrow and I really want to try and ride 10 miles this weekend which may or may not happen today.
I'm down for the afternoon as well since I have to goto Jersey Shity in the morning to drop off a bed.
I spoke with Jay but I couldn't make it. Sorry guys. Maybe next time.
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