Mavic Crosstrail Lefty (more rant than review)


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Finally got the Mavic Crosstrail Lefty front wheel and spent a week appreciating its lightness and beauty before the weather allowed me to ride it. Behold, when I was finally able to put the wheel to the technical tracks at waway, it didn't disappoint. The wheel was light, stiff, and I was happy. This is of course not the end of the story.

Within the first week of riding the wheel (about 8 miles of toll on the wheel), the prong (fixing bolt?) inside the hub which connects the wheel to the lefty integrated axle appears to have bent (yes, I placed my finger inside the freehub and spun it to feel the lopsided twisting) It now rubs against the interior of the axle and squeals like a pig in ....

I've heard of problems with Mavic's new hubs and bearings but this .... I'll contact Mavic tomorrow and hope (1) they do not disclaim the warranty for reasons of improper use or installation and (2) for an expedited warranty claim.
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Thanks for the review. I have been contemplating buying this wheelset and after reading this I will probably look elsewhere. Please keep us posted as to how the warranty claim goes.


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I would call this issue a fluke. This is a killer wheelset. If you do not get things squared up with mavic let me know.



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Returned it to retailer -

The wheel was still new so I tried to return it to the retailer, universal cycle, before claiming a warranty. Universal exchanged the wheel for another lefty Crosstrail. Kudos to Universal - I really hesitated ordering from a California online dealer but it was hell finding a local dealer with a lefty front in stock.

I've put the new crosstrail thorough about 25 miles of very tough, technical terrain and it has so far performed beyond my expectations. The combination of new tires and new wheels (819/schwalbe albert on the rear and crosstrail/hutchinson octopus on the front) have really proven to be a good combination. Its still too early to endorse them but several time already I've been amazed at my new found ability to negotiate rock gardens/roots, hills, and corners. Traction and tracking have been exceptional. Looking forward to a whole season with the new wheels.
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