Mavic Crossride FTS-X wheel- thoughts?

Looking for a budget 29” rear wheel. Thinking of a Mavic Crossride FTS-X? One of my concerns is that it has only 24 spokes, 2x lacing. I ride Chimney Rock mostly, so it needs to hold up to that terrain.
Ideally I’d want: 32 spokes, 3x, cartridge bearings. Even better would be straight spokes. Any thoughts?

This would be to replace a Bontrager AT-850 disc 29.


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A little more info please...

what bike is this going on?
what are your personal dimensions :D - well, height and weight.
Do you send it off those rocks on the south side of blue? (just wondering)
It’s for a Trek Cobia- 29” XC hardtail, 100mm travel.

I’m 155 lbs, 5’ 10”, green eyes….

I ride all of CR, but no drops, but do like the rock gardens and the “almost” drops.

I’ve broken about a dozen spokes- 1 at a time over the last 18 months. All but 1 have been on the drive side. Almost all broke at the J-bend- a couple at the nipple. I’ve been replacing them myself. I’m assuming the spokes weren’t tensioned enough from the factory so they are suffering from fatigue. About 2800 miles on them now. I figured I can have the wheel rebuilt for about $100- or put that towards a better than the factory wheel. Want cartridge bearings for simplicity (yes- I know how to service and adjust ball & cone).