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And at 1900+ grams for the set, they're solid trailriding wheels and not ultralight racer wheels... even better!


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I have been working today at getting them to build a lefty fornt version.

I hope I can make it happen.



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New info says 1745g. A little lighter than I'd like.

New Bontrager Rhythm Elite wheels look good- 28mm rim, DT Swiss hubs & spokes, tubeless-ready, 1950g for the set... and $220 cheaper MSRP than the Crossmax.

Probably should start a new thread for all the new, great 29er stuff at Sea Otter... new 3" Niner fully, Specialized Stumpjumper 29er hardtail, etc... lotsa good stuff.
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Official word From Mavic

:D 29" Enthusiasts,

The day is here. We have heard your wishes, demands and pleading and we have responded with 29 inches of Tubeless Crossmax performance for the masses!!!

attached are some simple tech sheets with the basic info. !!! Please note there is a typo on the 20mm C29SSMAX on the weight -it should be 1745 grams!!! I'm trying to fix but my computer is not PDFing right now. I will send along shortly when fixed.

Here's the other important stuff for the C29SSMAX:
= $775 and $62 for the MP3
-will start shipping July 1
-We will get part numbers and catalogs, stickers and t-shirts shortly and Comfil will be able to take order in a few weeks
-It is a new 29" UST standard just developed. Hutchinson will have a UST Python 29" out in June and Michelin and Geax will have UST 29" tires probably at the tradeshow.

Common misconceptions:
1. this IS NOT A 29" Crossmax ST!!! we didn't just bang out an ST in a larger diameter. Like all our wheels we spent a lot of time dialing in the performance and after testing and a lot of input from the guys over at Niner we decided to further machine down the ISM for less inertia, since inertia is such an issue on 29" bikes. The ISM has no spine, more similar to an old SL. This is a Crossmountain, Crossmax level wheel specifically designed for the needs of the 29" rider. This wheel has the lowest inertia of any 29" wheel but is still as stiff and durable as all crossmaxes.

Additionally, the C29SSMAX has an adorable frog on it. no frogs on the ST. Makes a huge difference.

2. Not available in Centerlock

3. Not available in rim brake

4. The front hubs are not ambidextrous between 9mm quick release and 20mm through axle. These are separate wheels. We did this for better performance. the 2.5 mm extra width of 20mm ST and C29SSMAX are about 7% laterally more rigid. I know this is a bit more difficult to inventory for shops but we feel that for the Crossmax level wheel it is worth it.

Sea Otter Launch,
I just got back from the official Press Launch at Sea Otter and we had a lot of interest form the press (even the european media!). Below are a couple links to the immediate web hits. Look for more to come out in the print issues of Bicycle Retailer, Mountain Bike, Velonews for starters.

If you have any other questions please let me know,

Sean Sullivan

Marketing Director

Mavic Inc
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