MASS Season opener race report...

Steve Vai

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The season has officially begun. Had a fun day a racing down in Maryland at the Fair Hills race, part of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series...Saw a few MTBNJ peeps down there...Peep the race report here...

MASS #1 race report

Jim, Yah...Great race and I'm so happy that they went 4 deep after all. With all that waiting it would have been for nothing...Thanks for taking my pics.....New Jersey riders had some great results at the race.The top three places in expert sinlge speed where from NJ:) ....My first ever single speed race and on a stock Haro Mary 29er that is about 29lbs...Maybe a lighter bike would have landed me in 1st place.....See you at French creek if not sooner......:D JayDog....Fat guys rule....Fred...Sorry about the Flat:mad:Mark...Congrats on your 1st expert race finish:cool: and all the other NJ riders...Great Job


Congrats Jim - and to everybody else that raced out there. Sorry, I couldn't be there. It was time to get on the DH bike before my race season starts in May. Perhaps next year you'll see me suffering on the XC bike.

Sounds like a good start to a great season. Go out there and represent NJ dominance. :getsome:


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NJ represent what! Next race J and I are going to arrive with some real instruments. You experts will have a super cheering section!:D

So happy that race season is on its way!


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Nice job Jim, and thanks for the race report. Keep those coming, this is a great time of year for that kind of enthusiasm.

As for noise makers, mr pixy started with kitchen utencils, and moved up to drums ond bongos. The rest is history.:getsome:


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Good work Jim. I wish I was there to join ya. I've been wanting to ride there and was contemplating this race.
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