mary, mary...

niiice. all built up and ready to ride?

let's discuss putting MULTISPEED internally geared hubs on the mary frame for the sole purpose of having 'general bike talk' content so that this thread doesn't get segregated.
just something about mary. :D

You like the bars on the Mary? I saw one at Cycleworks and it looks great. When looking for 29ers, I was concerned about the eccentric bottom bracket. A lot of people complain that those things creak, but John at CW said they pin the EBB into place now to prevent creaking issues.

Nice bike. Enjoy!
that's where my mary came from. i was there today and noticed they swapped the road bike outta the window for the mary. NICE!

the ONLY reason i bought the mary 29 vs. another SS 29er...and i stress b/c john @ CW didn't think i'd have an issue with the bottom bracket. it was a huge concern from me but he assured me that i wouldn't have an issue. as you mentioned, the way the EBB sets and locks in should keep it there, even with the abuse that i tend to put on bikes.

as for the bars, welp, pedaling around my yard and the road they feel pretty good. hopefully one day this week, and at the very latest this weekend, i'll get to shake it down and i'll have a better idea. they are very comfortable, i can tell you that. my concern is how the handling is going to be in the more techy sections. time will tell...
I've had my mary since the first week of september, and I finally had its first tune up this past week. I have had absolutely no problems with anything, no creaks, no squeaks, nothing, just smiles. Kept the bars, swapped out the tires for some nevegals and am about to switch fromm 33x20 to 34x20. I really like this bike.
Yes yes, very good reference.

The whole!
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